Black Falcon are Making an Album

Following the success of our debut EP "Living in Me" and our latest single "Devils Chase Him", we have been working tirelessly on our debut album.

We want to make the album that has consumed us creatively for the past 12 months. When we started out we knew that this would be a massive undertaking but we have been determined since the start to put out the album we knew had to be made.

Most of the writing is now complete and we're preparing to enter the studio in June. It is extremely important to us that we are able to give our fans the best album we can possibly make because that is a testament to the people who have supported us, as well as the tireless work that as a band have put into it. With that, we want YOU to be a part of it!

Please check out the link below to read the story so far and the journey we're about to embark on. Remember to check out some of the reward tiers for some killer perks!



Hailing from Bradford, West Yorkshire, in 2015, Black Falcon deliver a unique style of metal, combined with an energy that sets alight every stage they take to. Black Falcon fuse together elements of stoner, prog and southern rock upon a solid metal backbone.

In 2016, Black Falcon released their highly anticipated debut EP “living in me” and recieved outstanding reviews and air time on numerous radio stations including bbc introducing.

Black Falcon continued to tour their debut offering throughout the UK and in august 2017, the band signed to MSH music group. exactly one year later after the bands debut release, black falcon premiered the music video for the EP’s title track which was greatly recieved among audiences everywhere and recieved over 6000 views in the first week of its release.

2 months later, Black Falcon released their latest single “devils chase him” in november 2017. combined with a remastered version of “living in me” and a live acoustic version of the bands anthemic classic “enough”.

work already started in mid 2017 on the bands debut album and is set to release in 2018.

Dave, Jony, Liam, Rich, Lee

Black Falcon

What is Black Falcon?


"I don't think we can really be pigeon-holed into a genre. There's definitely a massive metal element there. But it's a bit more melodic and more technical than straight up metal. Not to trash metal by any means, there's just more to Black Falcon."


"It's hard to define us straight up. There's a traditional hard-rock element to the band, but with the added mixture of metal. Probably the best way to describe us is Black Falcon."

What Makes Black Falcon Unique?


"I don't know if the ethos we work by is completely unique to us (in fact I know it isn't) but we do have a very low bull shit threshold. No track can ever be just a filler. And if every track we write doesn't exceed or sound better than the last, then it's usually discarded."


We have a proper Author on vocals.Plenty of energy in the music too. I dunno. It just works well for me. Proper good set of lads to be in a band with. Much fun all the time. Not sure how the sound makes us different, I'm a drummer, I don't know sounds.

Where Would You Like To See The Band Go?


"Just to enjoy it, have fun and play some music. And whatever else happens is a bonus. Being paid to make music would be amazing, but it's not necessarily my ultimate ambition."


To become a huge internationally renowned author, and see Anumal Empire become a film....oh the band? Sorry, I got mixed up again. The bands ambitions for me is to get our music out to as many people as we can and make an impact. You'd be a bit of a nob if you just did this for the cash or fanny, cos quite frankly I've never got either from it. But I've been in bands for nearly 25 years now, it's always something I've done.