I am a creative Front End Developer & Web Designer from the City of Bradford, smack bang in the heart of West Yorkshire!

What do I do? Well I build websites. I specialise in front end development (HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript).

I love design, but I am passionate about watching a design come to life in the most creative way possible using the latest technologies for positive user experiences and interfaces for both web and mobile.

Front End Development

If you need a new website, updates to your existing application or bespoke email marketing, I can help. I write code that utilizes technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery to create mobile first, interactive interfaces that bring the design to life the way that your desingers have intended them to be.

Responsive Development

The Web is no longer designed with just the computer in mind. We also view the web on an array of smartphones and tablets. To ensure every website looks great on an array of devices; I build using a mobile first grid system. I use frameworks like Bootstrap, Materialize and Foundation to ensure that layouts are smarter, faster and standardised to work across multiple devices.


As well as front end development, I also design user interfaces for the web as well as print work. I am also something of an artist; designing logos, promotional material and graphics for bands, promotors and websites since 2007 using the latest Adobe Creative Suite.

I enjoy working on design-driven projects and specialise in developing sites for everything from businesses to bands and everything in between. When I'm not at my desk I'm playing video games, lifting weights or I'm playing guitar in my band Black Falcon.


A collection of works that I have produced as of late. Each of these websites were coded by hand and a lot of the artwork is my own too!

Some of other stuff I do

I also do design work. This is the cover for the second book in the Anumal Empire series entitled "Alpha" by the extremely talented David Ayres and Darren Jacobs. This is an amazing read as is the first book "Lazerball". Check them out, buy the books right here.

I also make videos. Mostly for the things I'm passionate about, or the things that excite me. Or maybe I just want to help someone out promoting. Link to my Youtube page coming soon, in the meantime, here is a video I did for Roadhouse Tattoo Studio's trip down to Blackpool Tatcon 2016


You can either contact me by emailing me right here, or by contacting me on one of my social media accounts. Don't forget to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

I am available for work and you can download my CV in the navigation bar at the top.